"To Some Supposed Brothers"   (2006, 2018) USA, Color/Digital Video/3-minutes

"Deconstructing Rape Myths"  (2006, 2018) USA, Color/Digital Video/30-minutes

“Feminists We Love”: Linda Janet Holmes (2014) USA, Color/Digital Video/60-minutes

“Feminists We Love”: Gloria I. Josepeh, Ph.D. (2014) USA, Color/Digital Video/60-minutes

“Feminists We Love”: Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins, M.D., M.Sc., (2014) USA, Color/Digital Video/60-minutes

Breaking Silences: A Supplemental Video to NO! (2008), USA, Color/Digital Video/112 minutes

For Women of Rage and Reason (2006), USA, Color/Digital Video/4:40 minutes

NO! The Rape Documentary (2006), USA, Color/Digital Video 94-minutes

NO! A Work-in-Progress (1997, 2000, 20002), USA, Color/Digital Video/8-minutes, 20-minutes- and 74-minutes

In My Father’s House (1996), USA, Color/Video/15-minutes

Silence…Broken (1993), USA, Color/Video/8-minutes