#LoveWITHAccountability Goes Global


In 1994, when I first envisioned what is now known as NO! The Rape Documentary, I was solely focused on rape and other forms of sexual assault in Black communities. Never in my wildest imaginations did I ever think that the documentary as a work-in-progress, rough cut and completed film would resonate with and educate many individuals in. Canada, and multiple countries in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, South American and the Caribbean.

Similarly and despite the fact that (like adult rape) child sexual abuse is a global pandemic, I didn't know if Love With Accountability would have a global reach. It was not a part of the original vision.

Thanks to Ghanaian-based producer/host/visionary Esther Armah, #LoveWITHAccountability has gone global through her weekly podcast The SPIN: all women media panel syndicated radio show.

Part one of The Spin's two-part #LoveWITHAccountability series featuring my mom Dr. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons and me aired last night at 9pm in Ghana on Starr103.5FM

The show will aired in Nigeria and it is airing on several NPR affiliates in the United States. It is also available on sound cloud and iTunes via TheSpin1 channel.

If you missed it, you can also listen to part 1 of #TheSpin's #LoveWITHAccountability special series podcast in its entirety via this soundcloud link.

[Audio] Part 1 of The Spin’s #LoveWITHAccountability special

December 8th, 2016, THE SPIN launched a 2-part special #LoveWITHAccountability, (audio) conversations on childhood sexual abuse, its legacy and what it means to love, accountably. Love With Accountability is my Just Beginnings Collaborative funded multi media campaign for child sexual abuse and incest survivors of African descent to speak out in solidarity and to share their testimonies and solutions for creating accountability for the violence done to them within their families.


PART 1: Features a powerful conversation between my mother Dr. Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons and me sharing our individual and joint journeys in confronting silence, peeling off masks, facing shame, finding healing from my childhood sexual abuse at the hands of her beloved Pop-pop (through my work with Dr. Clara Whaley Perkins and my dedicated practice of Vipassana Meditation), and my mother’s initial inability to understand the legacy of her inaction on my life. My mother and I reflected, cried, held space, spoke openly, and read excerpts of our joint article in the #LoveWITHAccountability Forum on The Feminist Wire.  

Listen and share here.

I am still reverberating from our three-way (Accra, Ghana & Gainesville, Florida & Washington, DC) conversation filled with unadulterated truth, tears, love, accountability and healing. There are no words that will EVER adequately convey the depth of my gratitude for my mother’s willingness to keep struggling and pushing until we arrived at this place, 37-years later, of true #LoveWITHAccountability. She’s not only doing this hardcore work behind closed doors with me, but she’s also sharing publicly sharing her journey in writing in her our joint article  and now on  THE SPIN. You can listen to The Spin below, on SoundCloud and iTunes podcast via The Spin1.

Deep Bows to THE SPIN’s producer and host Esther Armah for  creating the space for this two-week special. 

The December 15, 2016 show will feature Dr. Thema Bryant-Davis and Luz Marquez Benbow.