Pull Up the Roots of Child Sexual Abuse

Below I am sharing the individual screen shots of my @Afrolez twitter thread on child sexual abuse and adult rape. 

A Need for Awareness on ALL forms of Violence

It’s excruciatingly painful to read comments AND tweets that contextualize, explain and/or condone intra-racial (so-called) personal violence. Some of the language in defense of rapists/batterers/molesters mirrors the same EXACT language that I hear/read in defense of the police, white supremacists and/or the military.

We, People of Color, MUST HAVE the SAME RAZOR sharp, ACUTE awareness about Hetero, Queer, Cis, Gender Non- Conforming, and Trans* domestic violence, rape, child sexual abuse and other forms of family/intimate partner violence that we have about police murder, white supremacist violence, militarism, colonialism and imperialism… If we don’t, NONE OF US will be SAFE or FREE.