Incest, Child Sexual Abuse and Silence Enforced by Familial Love and Loyalty

Friend-Survivor Tonda S. Clarke’s COURAGEOUS March 14, 2015 Facebook post informed my reflection.

Incest/Child Sexual Abuse survivors must come to grips with the fact that those who were charged with protecting us believe that they have the right to say and/or do anything when we were children AND even when we are ’good AND grown’ adults without being privately challenged, held accountable, or exposed. When Incest/Child Sexual Abuse privately or publicly break our silences, we are often accused with allowing negative forces to harm ourselves and others, not being mentally stable, not caring about and/or loving those who “love us the most.” It’s quite ironic that in the name of familial love and loyalty, we are overtly or covertly encouraged to remain silent. Yet, familial love and loyalty didn’t keep us safe.

Friend-Survivor-Confidante Amita Swadhin either coined or taught me the term ‪#‎bloodsupremacy‬. Prior to learning it from Amita, I hadn’t heard the term. I agree with her wholeheartedly that blood supremacy is one of, if not the most powerful forms of global oppression. So much emotional, psychological, physical, sexual, mental, psychic, and/or spiritual violence happens all of the time and all over the world in families in the name of blood.