Toni Cade Bambara Ascension Day


I have several photos of Toni Cade Bambara and me. This one, which was taken by my father Michael Simmons in October 1994 at the Hatch-Billops Collection in New York, is my favorite photo of the two of us.

Toni had my back in so many ways. The profundity of this reality is that I was one of so many who Toni taught, supported, nurtured, encouraged, and challenged. I am grateful that I am one of the many beneficiaries in the United States and internationally.

¡Presente Toni Cade Bambara Always and Forever          March 25, 1939 - December 9, 1995!







Acclaimed Black Feminist writer, cultural worker, Toni Cade Bambara asked this timeless question over three decades ago in her classic road map (aka award-winning novel) The Salt Eaters. The question is as relevant now  (if not more so) than it was when she first wrote it.

I believe the foundation of my #LoveWITHAccountability work is deeply connected to and intertwined with Toni’s prophetic question.